For Coaches

Why should I become a Taekwondo Kickstarters Coach?

Feeling inspired by this great program? Why not become an accredited coach!


There are many reasons to get involved in Taekwondo Kickstarters as a coach:

  • Having access to a suite of coaching resources that can be used to deliver taekwondo in schools.

  • Gaining experience in delivering taekwondo programs to school-aged children.

  • Exposing more children to the sport of taekwondo and transition them to community programs.

  • Building stronger relationships with schools in your local area.

  • Giving back to your local community.

Coach Expectations

To deliver a successful Taekwondo Kickstarters program, coaches will be required to:

  • Complete the coach accreditation process.

  • Deliver the program with quality and consistency.

  • Promote the Taekwondo Kickstarters program through your school network.

  • Liaise with school contacts to schedule sessions and prepare program logistics.

  • Provide school students and teachers with a fun and exciting taekwondo experience!


What does a Taekwondo Kickstarters Program look like?

To ensure that the Taekwondo Kickstarters experience is consistent and of a high quality across all programs, coaches will be provided with a comprehensive lesson plan resource (along with supporting resources). An overview of this six-week lesson plan can be seen below:

What do I need to do to become an accredited Taekwondo Kickstarters coach?

The first step in becoming a Taekwondo Kickstarters coach is to register your interest by clicking on the button below.  The Taekwondo Kickstarters team will then assist you in getting accredited.

Taekwondo Kickstarters is an initiative of Australian Taekwondo