For Coaches

Why should I become a Taekwondo Kickstarters Coach?

There are many reasons to get involved in Taekwondo Kickstarters as a coach:

  • Having access to a suite of coaching resources that can be used to deliver taekwondo in schools.

  • Gaining experience in delivering taekwondo programs to school-aged children.

  • Exposing more children to the sport of taekwondo and transition them to community programs.

  • Building stronger relationships with schools in your local area.

  • Giving back to your local community.

Coach Expectations

To deliver a successful Taekwondo Kickstarters program, coaches will be required to:

  • Complete the coach accreditation process.

  • Deliver the program with quality and consistency.

  • Promote the Taekwondo Kickstarters program through your school network.

  • Liaise with school contacts to schedule sessions and prepare program logistics.

  • Provide school students and teachers with a fun and exciting taekwondo experience!


What does a Taekwondo Kickstarters Program look like?

To ensure that the Taekwondo Kickstarters experience is consistent and of a high quality across all programs, coaches will be provided with a comprehensive lesson plan resource (along with supporting resources). An overview of this six-week lesson plan can be seen below:

What do I need to do to become an accredited Taekwondo Kickstarters coach?

The first step in becoming a Taekwondo Kickstarters coach is to register your interest by clicking on the button below.  The Taekwondo Kickstarters team will then assist you in getting accredited.​ The below outlines the different accreditation streams available.

Taekwondo Instructors/Coaches

To become a coach and deliver Taekwondo Kickstarters in Sporting Schools please ensure you are working towards the following requirements:

  • Be aged 16 years or over

  • Hold a current Working With Children Check

  • Confirm adequacy of insurance

  • Be a member of Australian Taekwondo

  • Complete the online Kickstarters Coach Accreditation



Registered teachers can deliver the Taekwondo Kickstarters program in Sporting Schools by meeting the following requirements:

  • Hold a valid state and/or territory teacher registration

  • Confirm adequacy of insurance

  • Complete the online Kickstarters Accreditation Course for Teachers or attend a Teachers Accreditation workshop run by a Taekwondo Instructor

Teachers can complete these courses by booking in a teacher delivered package via the Sporting Schools Booking System.


Coaching Providers/Community Coaches

In locations where Taekwondo Instructors or Teachers cannot deliver the program Australian Taekwondo has developed a Community Coach Accreditation stream. The requirements for this include:

  • Be aged 16 years or over

  • Hold a current Working With Children Check

  • Confirm adequacy of insurance

  • Become a member of Australian Taekwondo

  • Complete the Community Coaching General Principles (CCGP) course and Play by the Rules Courses from Sport Australia found HERE

  • Complete the online Kickstarters Community Coach Accreditation

  • Work with a mentor Taekwondo Instructor